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Corporate Profile

    Shandong Province Industrial Equipment Installation Corporation, formerly known as Shandong Province Industrial Equipment Installation Corporation, of which the predecessor is No. 7 Industry Equipment Installation Company of Ministry of Construction Engineering, was removed to Shandong to set up Shandong Province Industrial Equipment Installation Company in August 1958. And change its name into Shandong Province Industrial Equipment Installation Corporation in 1991 and Shandong Province Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. after overall restructuring in 2015.

    After nearly 60 years of development, we are now a large-scale installation company boasting strong technical force, perfect detection means and rich experience. We hold now General Contractor qualifications for MEP, Housing Construction, metallurgical, petroleum chemical industry, power engineering and municipal public works, qualification as specialized contractor for building decoration engineering, steel structure, lifting equipment installation works, and Special Equipment Installation, Alteration and Repair Permits for Class 1 boiler GC1, GD1, GB pressure pipeline, permits for electric equipment (repair, test), overseas project contracting qualification certificate and three-in-one management system certification certificate of environment, occupational health and quality management.

    Among the 2180 employees are 78 registered constructors and 520 professional and technical personnel. Over the years, we always follow the business purpose of Customer First, Credit First, were awarded the honorary title of Advanced Project Quality Controller, National excellent construction Enterprise, Chinese Top 100 Enterprise with Comprehensive Construction Power, National Customer Satisfaction Construction Enterprise and National Enterprise Honoring Contracts and Crediting for many successive years and won Luban Prize, Chinese Superb Prize for Construction Quality, four times.

    The company has now 15 branches and professional branches as Environmental Engineering Company, Overseas Division, Test Center, Equipment Relocation, Photovoltaic Power Generation and Shandong Province Installation Projects Technical School, offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other places with long-term strategic partner relationships with a number of Central enterprises and State-owned enterprises as China Petroleum, China General Technology (Group) Holding, Limited, China Everbright International Limited, Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. and China Shandong Economic & Technical Cooperation Group LTD. Along the way, adhering to the business philosophy of Ruling Enterprise by Law, Quality for Survival, Basingat Trust, and Unity for Development, with the Client Interests First as the starting point for all work, Retaining Old Customers and Develop New Markets as the business strategy, Serving the Country and Benefit the Community with Installation as the enterprise mission, we boast a good reputation at home and abroad and win the trust of customers at home and abroad with scientific management and skilled construction. With the strategy implementation of the Belt and Road and the establishment of the Asian Investment Bank, we will,  by means of first “borrowing boat to sail” then “building boat to sail”, do our utmost to create "overseas" business platform, on which three market of areas around China, the Middle East and Africa has gradually formed with the international rules and standards mastered and a large number of international project management personnel trained and integration ability of the whole industrial chain from design, equipment, logistics, construction to commissioning to set up gradually the overseas brands of Shandong installation.

    Looking into the future of opportunities and challenges and facing complicated and diversified competitive environment and new competitive pressure, we stride forward boldly to the strategic objective of building a centennial Chinese installation enterprise with our brand, talent and technology advantages to continue the magnificent sections and chapters of beyond and innovation.

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